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I have always loved horses ever since I was a child. Their beauty and majesty bring solace to my soul.

In high school, I learned the art of photography. The wild horse HMA’s (Horse Management Area) provide wonderful photographic opportunities. In 2014 I moved to Grand Junction as a nurse by profession and a hiker and photographer in my spare time.

After joining Friends of the Mustangs in 2014, wild horses of Colorado became my passion. Spending days on the range with the horses became my most treasured moments.

My wild horse journey has been a wonderful story. Working on the range, gentling my first mustang, learning the mustang social structure and habits, and marveling at nature in its beauty and its sadness were filling my time.

In 2018 I co-founded Piceance Mustangs, a volunteer group out of Meeker, Colorado, of which I am currently the president. Our goal is to work with the BLM in the Piceance Basin to promote “healthy free-roaming horses on healthy rangelands.” We educate the public about the wild horses (mustangs) and monitor the horses and the range. In 2021, the Piceance Mustangs started a fertility control program and in 2022 we worked with the BLM on the largest wild horse gather in Colorado history. This year we will be working hard to find adopters for our 700+ horses that were gathered.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my 4-year-old grandson and introducing him to the wild horses of the Piceance Basin.

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